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    Book cover for the Treasure of the Lost Mine adventure book by author Gregory O. Smith
    Picture of 2 teenage boys riding in an army jeep, driving into a desert cave.
    Drawing of cartoon cowboy riding on white horse reading a newspaper. Cliff dwellings are seen in the background with 3 pursuing riders on top of cliff.
    Two teenage sleuths peering into a dark, mysterious room with object glittering on the stairs before them.
    Cover for Secret Agents Don't Like Broccoli, book 5 of the Wright Cousin Adventures series
    Comical scuba diver reading newspaper and fishing from deck of submerged submarine.
    Grumman Duck amphibious airplane flying over forest fire trying to rescue trapped people.
    B17 airplane taking off from a mountain airport.
    Book Cover for Reach for the Stars in the Wright Cousin Adventures series by Gregory O. Smith.
    Book cover for The Sword of Sutherlee, mystery adventure fiction by Gregory O. Smith
    Cover for The Secret of Trifid Castle fiction book by Gregory O. Smith
    Man running through lava tube trying to find airplane
    Young man surviving in wilderness after balloon crash
    Rheebakken 2--Last Stand for Freedom book cover
    Photo of tennis shoes, tricorn hat, and gristmill with waterwheel.