Greg Smith’s books are an excellent resource for STEM topics. Because of his extensive research on book-specific topics, Greg’s natural way of writing teaches the reader to understand how things work, what they can do, and the correct related terminology. This includes equipment such as jeeps, airplanes, submarines, spacecraft, and more.

Because of their fast-moving, conversational style, these books are highly recommended to be read in private or aloud in a classroom or home setting. They provide a lot of adventurous fun and are interesting for children, youth, and adults. They are “quick reads” and teach how to hit life’s challenges with humor, ingenuity, and teamwork.

Greg’s books have no bad language, innuendo, or bathroom humor.  They are clean and family friendly. These books will help foster increased creativity, good will, humor, ingenuity, kindness, integrity and teamwork in those who read them. You’ll really enjoy these totally fun, fast-paced books!