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Riverdancer — VINE VOICE — “A unique and entertaining historical fiction novel”
5.0 out of 5 stars (The Hat, George Washington, and Me!) March 21

Fourteen year old Daniel J. Boone is not looking forward to his family’s upcoming move to the small town of Millford. Not only is the town far from his friends, but it cannot even be located on a map. After months of attempting to fit into his new surroundings, a mysterious package arrives for Daniel that is filled with toys representing the American Revolutionary War. When Daniel dons a hat from the box and it will not come off, he and his new friends find themselves in an adventure through time to help find a place for Millford in the post-revolutionary United States. Fans of the I Survived series will love this exciting approach to the American Revolutionary War. While the protagonists come from the present day, they interact with real historical figures in a true historical context. Facts and events from the American Revolution are woven smoothly into the text, and readers of all ages will come away with a better understanding of this period in history than they had before reading the book. Recognizable middle grade experiences like first loves, family dynamics, and bullying are also included in the text, which give the story a very approachable quality despite its more fantastic elements. At the end of the book, readers will find extensive supplementary material, including a brief timeline of George Washington’s life, a list of clever facts, and the Declaration of Independence. Though relatively short, this book includes all the necessary elements of a complete novel, and it is well-written, as well. Middle grade readers with an interest in history and excitement will appreciate the fast-paced nature of this story. This is an entertaining addition to library collections for young readers.

I received a copy of this book from the author and I chose to leave this review.

Riverdancer — VINE VOICE — “An energetic continuation of the series”
5.0 out of 5 stars (The Secret of the Sunken Ship) March 15

The hunt continues as the Wright cousins and the Straunsee sisters search for buried treasure near the island of Talofa in the South Pacific. A series of happy accidents has led the youth to reunite in this remote part of the world, and they are more than willing to team up to discover the whereabouts of a supposed bounty. But they are not the only ones after the treasure, of course, and when one of the villains resembles Sarina Straunsee, things become even more complicated. Using their wits and collective strengths, the Wright cousins and their friends work to put the disparate pieces together and right the wrongs that have been done. This fifteenth in the Wright Cousin Adventures series is an extension of book fourteen and therefore picks up right where that story leaves off. The island of Talofa is full of secrets, and the Wright cousins are fortunate to have both the wherewithal and the means to bring their goals to fruition. There is an abundance of characters included in this story, which can feel overwhelming for readers even if they are familiar with other books in the series. Despite this, however, the narrative flows smoothly and is filled with the wholesome banter and light peril that are hallmarks of the Wright Cousin Adventures collection. Action and dialogue drive the plot of this book, and families will enjoy reading this novel and its companions aloud together. Though it is the last in the series for now, it is clear that more are on the horizon for fans to look forward to reading. This is an enjoyable addition to library collections for young readers.

I received a copy of this book from the author and I chose to leave this review.

Riverdancer — VINE VOICE — “Lots of fun leading into a sequel”
5.0 out of 5 stars (The Mystery of Treasure Bay) March 14
There is never a dull moment for the Wright cousins, so it is no surprise that the cousins are invited on an all-expenses-paid trip to Talofa Island in celebration of Tim’s artistic merits. Great Aunt Opal is supposed to be chaperoning the cousins, but when she misses her plane, the youth go on their own to explore the island. When the cousins discover a note inside a cool old box at a souvenir shop in town, they immediately set about seeking the lost items mentioned in the letter. But they are not the only ones after the treasure, of course, and the cousins must work together to find it before their efforts are thwarted. This fourteenth in the Wright Cousin Adventures series begins a new set of adventures for the cousins. Like the others in the series, this one incorporates accessible language, plenty of rich and entertaining banter among the cousins, love and support, and just the right amount of danger and excitement. Samoan language is incorporated into the narrative, enhancing the feel of the South Pacific culture in which the cousins find themselves. Wholesome in its delivery, this book is particularly fun to read aloud as a family. Though the characters themselves are teenagers, middle grade readers and adults will similarly enjoy the antics presented in this story. Readers who appreciate formulaic mystery fiction like Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys will love this contemporary approach to that writing style. While this book can stand on its own, it is helpful to have read the previous novels in the series in order to better understand the characters and the events that have led to this point. Funny, lighthearted, and well-written, this book is one that fans of the Wright cousins will particularly enjoy adding to their collections, and they will eagerly jump into book fifteen upon its conclusion.

I received a copy of this book from the author and I chose to leave this review.

Riverdancer — VINE VOICE — “Family friendly reading filled with excitement
5.0 out of 5 stars (The Wright Disguise) March 8
After several exciting adventures in the land of Gutenberg, the Wright cousins are looking forward to getting back to their normal routine in the United States. Things are not exactly the same this time, though, because they have their royal friends the Straunsees in tow. The change in scenery is an attempt to keep the princesses safe from the political discord happening in their own country. Unfortunately, the girls are not able to remain as anonymous as they wish because when a school video goes viral, they find themselves hunted by other nefarious characters in their home away from home. This thirteenth in the Wright Cousin Adventures series picks up shortly after the twelfth book ends, and it incorporates familiar characters from across the series. While this novel is neatly wrapped up at its conclusion, readers will benefit from having read the other books in the collection before diving into this one. As in the companion novels, this one speaks to families across a range of ages thanks to its avoidance of strong language and its general focus on wholesome family values. Violence does come into this story to some degree, however, and there is also a scene when a female character is approached by an unscrupulous and aggressive group of men. Readers familiar with this series will expect correctly that these moments of danger will resolve well, but they enhance the peril in which the characters find themselves within the book. Additionally, there is a scene discussing abstinence-based romance which aligns with the occasional references to God found within the series as a whole. Overall, this is an entertaining addition to the Wright Cousin Adventures series, and it is a book the whole family can enjoy together.

I received a copy of this book from the author and I chose to leave this review.

Riverdancer — VINE VOICE — “The stakes are getting higher!
5.0 out of 5 stars (The Clue in the Missing Plane) March 3
Following an eventful adventure to ensure that King Straunsee remains the rightful sovereign of Gutenberg, the Wright cousins are looking forward to spending some quality time with their friends before returning home to the United States. Unfortunately, this is not to be, as the cousins are unceremoniously told to leave the air force base where they had found refuge—with no time to say their goodbyes. After boarding their plane, the Wrights are not only faced with white-out blizzard conditions, but they also have two enemy aircraft on their tail. When the questionable jets shoot down the cousins’ plane, the youth must fight for their survival while attempting to discern friend from foe. The stakes have increased dramatically in this twelfth installment of the Wright Cousin Adventures series, and it feels as though every previous story has led up to this one. While they have been fairly self-sufficient up to this point, the cousins are now faced with even more challenging circumstances that they must work together to overcome. Guns and peril now follow the cousins, and the choices they make have far-reaching repercussions. It is helpful to have read the other books in the series before approaching this one so that readers have an understanding of what has led to this point, though this novel’s story is self-contained. Readers familiar with the rest of the series will fall easily into the action of this narrative as they return to familiar characters and circumstances. Like its companion novels, this book incorporates frequent dialogue filled with witty banter, and the characters are both wholesome and approachable to middle grade readers and young adults alike. Engaging and well-written, this is a positive addition to this series, and it is an adventure story the whole family will enjoy.

I received a copy of this book from the author and I chose to leave this review.

Riverdancer — VINE VOICE — “A natural next step in the series”
5.0 out of 5 stars (The Secret of Trifid Castle) February 24
The Wright cousins are dreaming of peach pie and the comfort of their own beds as they board the plane back to go back home to the United States. However, a severe storm forces the plane to make an unexpected landing shortly after takeoff, leaving the youths once again in Gutenberg, the land of their royal friends the Straunsees. When it becomes obvious that the diverting of the plane was no accident, the cousins realize they are the only people who can protect their friends from a nefarious would-be ruler. Using ingenuity, superb detective skills, and some cool new high-tech spy gadgets, the Wright cousins begin piecing together the elements of the mystery to rescue the royal family before it is too late. This is a natural next step for the Wright Cousin Adventures series to take, especially because this novel focuses once again on Tim and Robert who have been out of the spotlight of late. It is important to have read the other books in the series before reading this one, because there are many references to events that have taken place in previous installments. Familiar characters and events find their way into this narrative, and readers will enjoy getting to know the myriad characters even better as the events of this story unfold. Fans of series mysteries like The Boxcar Children will appreciate the similarities in overall design and structure found in this collection of novels. Wholesome, positive, and filled with humor, this is an enjoyable and lighthearted addition to library collections for middle grade and young adult readers.
I received a copy of this book from the author and I chose to leave this review.
Mary’s review, Riverdancer — VINE VOICE — “An exciting addition to this series. What fun this story is!”
5.0 out of 5 stars (The Sword of Sutherlee) February 17

After a harrowing–yet successful–journey to space, the Wright cousins are ready to enjoy some much deserved down-time with their royal friends in the land of Gutenberg. But, what begins as a relaxing vacation quickly turns dangerous when an ancient law comes to light that threatens the king’s official right to rule. Luckily, the Wright cousins are in the right place at the right time, and they have just the skills they need to get to the bottom of the mystery before nefarious forces supercede their efforts. Together with friends both familiar and new, the Wright cousins put together the fragmented details of the law to help secure the rightful king on his throne. This tenth in the Wright Cousins Adventures series picks up shortly after the previous book ends, and while it begins as a relaxing trip to Gutenberg, the action quickly revs up. Several familiar characters are woven into the narrative, and other characters who have only received a brief mention in previous stories garner more attention in this novel, as well. Comic banter among the cousins is used throughout, and the action in this story is particularly riveting. As villains attempt to usurp the crown, the Wright cousins and their friends find themselves in trouble more than once, and they must rely both on their shared knowledge and their companionship to survive. Short chapters and a fast-paced narrative make this book suitable to a range of ages, especially thanks to the accessible and family-friendly writing style. Fans of shorter series novels like The Hardy Boys will appreciate the similar design and execution of this collection of novels. This is an exciting addition to the Wright Cousins series, and it is an enjoyable story to include on both home and library shelves.

I received a copy of this book from the author and I chose to leave this review.

Mary’s review, Riverdancer — VINE VOICE — “Filled with action, peril, and wholesome family fun.
5.0 out of 5 stars (Reach for the Stars) February 2
After much preparation, the Wright cousins are ready to embark on a once in a lifetime adventure: to ride into space on a brand new space plane. Because of the Wright family’s financial and engineering support of the aerospace company responsible for the space plane, the cousins are given this rare and special opportunity and are enthusiastic about the prospect of venturing into space. But when they find themselves outside of Earth’s atmosphere, it is not the carefree experience they expect. A series of unfortunate events reveals that the cousins are stranded without tangible support far above the Earth’s surface, so they must rely on friends and family to do all in their power from the ground to help the cousins return home safely. This ninth in the Wright Cousins Adventures series is filled with action and adventure, especially as the cousins work desperately to survive in the unforgiving landscape of space. Unlike other stories, this one connects readers to tangential characters with more frequency and reinforces the fact that the cousins have a huge network of support and love around the world. The good deeds the cousins have done in previous adventures have made this rescue mission possible, and readers will enjoy seeing familiar faces return to the spotlight. Similar to the previous installments, this book reads swiftly not only because of the brevity of the chapters but also due to the novel’s action-packed content. Because of the intensity and peril found in this story, it is a better fit for more mature middle grade and young adult readers, but the narrative remains wholesome in its overall delivery, and it is a good fit for family entertainment. Exciting and memorable, this addition to the Wright cousins series is truly out of this world.
I received a copy of this book from the author and I chose to leave this review.
Riverdancer — VINE VOICE — “All the stories are coming together!”
5.0 out of 5 stars (The Wright Cousins Fly Again!) February 1
The Wright cousins are back for another adventure, and this time, they get to focus on rebuilding a historic aircraft that has come into their possession. While a B-17 bomber is waiting for them in a makeshift hangar, however, the cousins are particularly interested in another craft that they discovered in a previous adventure. Unfortunately, their request to remove this relic from its watery resting place gets usurped by some nefarious characters, so the cousins throw their attention and focus into restoring the B-17, instead. As the youth do their part to bring their plane back to life, they learn important skills that they are ready to use when justice is ultimately served to their unscrupulous foes.

This eighth in the Wright Cousins series incorporates more of the previous stories than earlier novels have done. While this book can still stand on its own, readers will benefit from having an understanding of the other stories that lead up to this one. In fact, several adventures are mentioned by name throughout this book, so readers will know right where to look if they need a reminder of a particular event. Familiar faces reemerge throughout this narrative, as well, and readers have the opportunity to get to know the protagonists and their companions even better as the story progresses. It is enjoyable to observe how the adventures all interconnect with one another, which they do more and more as the series continues.

Like the other novels in this series, this book is written in a wholesome style that utilizes vocabulary and content that is family friendly. Though the characters themselves are teenagers, the story appeals to younger readers as well, much like a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys mystery would do. This novel also incorporates a large quantity of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subject matter and details that readers will appreciate, especially as new vocabulary and history likewise appear throughout the action-packed narrative. The story reads smoothly and quickly thanks to its approachable design, and while it has a satisfying ending, it does leave readers looking ahead to the next installment. This is a fun-filled, family friendly adventure that will appeal to readers of all ages.

I received a copy of this book from the author and I chose to leave this review.

Courtney Rose — “My 8 year old stays interested and engaged!”
5.0 out of 5 stars (The Secret of the Lost City — Audiobook) January 28

My sons favorite part was when they found the waterfall. He was sad when the book was over and happy when I told him we could download the next one! We love listening to a chapter or two each night at bedtime. I have to turn it off or he won’t fall asleep! 😂

Riverdancer — VINE VOICE — “An exciting and wholesome mystery”
5.0 out of 5 stars (Take to the Skies) Jan 23
The Wright cousins have come into some good fortune in return for helping their older neighbor, Mr. Howard, manage his yard work. Robert and Jonathan have been invited to purchase an old World War II plane from Mr. Howard, but his family is especially unhappy with this development. The cousins, however, have big plans for the plane and are determined to use it for good. Their opportunity arises sooner than they expect when a lightning storm causes fires to spring up around them, and they are in the unique and important position of being able to rescue those stranded by the flames. But the plane is good for more than just transporting people to safety, and the cousins are soon able to use it to solve another intriguing mystery.

This seventh installment in the Wright Cousins Adventures series will feel familiar to readers who have enjoyed others in the collection. Some characters from previous stories find their way into this one, and new companions are also added to the cousins’ growing list of friends. An approachable amount of World War II history is included in this particular narrative, as well, which enhances the plot without being overwhelming for readers. Additionally, delightful banter and light jokes appear throughout the book, giving levity to an otherwise dangerous situation. While this book can stand on its own, the story builds upon book six, so it is best for readers to be familiar with that novel first. Like the other novels in this collection, this one is accessible for older middle grade and young adult readers alike thanks to its focus on action, lack of strong language, and incorporation of wholesome family elements. This is an exciting addition to the series, and it is a positive adventure mystery for young readers.

I received a copy of this book from the author and I chose to leave this review.

Riverdancer — VINE VOICE — “A fun and unique addition to this series”
5.0 out of 5 stars (The Great Submarine Adventure) Jan 17
There is never a dull moment for the Wright cousins, and in this story they are off to explore a large parcel of land that was bequeathed to them after being unintentionally purchased by their great Aunt Opal. It is not easy to arrive at their destination, and both boats and cars take considerable travel time to get there. Once the cousins do arrive, their explorations cause them to stumble upon an old, working submarine that they use to investigate the large lake nearby. As they travel around, the cousins end up discovering not only a nefarious plot that needs to be solved, but they also uncover a hidden and unexpected secret. This sixth in the Wright Cousin Adventures series continues following the design of its predecessors. Each of the cousins has a unique and memorable personality, and the cousins spend the book working together while occasionally teasing each other with jokes and gentle ribbing. Similar to books like The Boxcar Children, the Wright cousins are resourceful and have all kinds of useful knowledge among them. As a result of this, the cousins are able to solve problems quickly and easily even when those problems have never before been encountered. As in other books in this series, this book is wholesome in its design and is accessible to both tweens and teens thanks to the approachable language and storytelling used within it. Fans of other books in this series will recognize references made within the text, though this book can stand on its own, as well. Young readers with a sense of adventure and familial connection will appreciate the Wright Cousins and the many stories they have to share. This is a charming addition to libraries for middle grade readers.

I received a copy of this book from the author and I chose to leave this review.

Julia G. Anderson — “Excellent!!”
5.0 out of 5 stars (The Secret of the Sunken Ship) January 11, 2023
Fun to read adventure. Liked the closeness and friendship of the family members and friends.
Courtney Rose — “Engaging!”  (Audio book–The Treasure of the Lost Mine)  Jan 6, 2023
“I like the funny parts” -my 8 year old
He laughed out loud and was excited for bedtime each night. Super engaging. Fun and clean. I enjoyed it much more than goosebumps or Minecraft novels
Riverdancer — VINE VOICE — “Action-packed and funny!”
4.0 out of 5 stars (Secret Agents Don’t Like Broccoli) Jan 2
Cousins Tim and Robert Wright love antics and are notorious for not following through on chores that need to get done. One day, a message comes through for Tim that at first glance looks like something a friend of theirs might have cooked up. But when Tim’s sister Kimberly informs him that he has won a National poetry contest, the cousins turn their attention to traveling across the country for a trip to Washington D.C. where Tim will perform his poem live. But on the way, their chaperone Aunt Opal gets lost and the cousins must find their way around Washington D.C. with no luggage and no money. Lucky for them, the message they thought was from their friend was real, and Tim and Robert are inspired to set aside their typical natures in order to become the only people who can protect a matter of National security.

This fifth in the Wright Cousins Adventures series takes a step outside of the traditional style of the previous four books. Instead of beginning with introductions to all of the cousins, this story introduces characters far removed from the cousins who ultimately make several appearances within the narrative. Additionally, the book focuses primarily on cousins Tim and Robert instead of the group as a whole. By altering the style in this way, this book connects with readers on a different level and enhances the overall complexity of the storytelling.

Like the others in the series, this book is told primarily through action sequences and witty banter among the cousins. This choice makes the story read quickly, although it ultimately lacks some of the depth and explanation that would help several of the plot points make more sense. However, older middle grade and young adult readers who enjoy action-focused narratives within wholesome settings will appreciate this addition to the series, especially if they have enjoyed the books that came before. This is an engaging addition to the Wright Cousins series, and it serves as an enjoyable launch into subsequent installments.

I received a copy of this book from the author and I chose to leave this review.

Riverdancer — VINE VOICE — “Fun and engaging!”

5.0 out of 5 stars (The Case of the Missing Princess) Dec 07, 2022

The Wright cousins are back to solve another mystery in this fourth book of the Wright Cousins Adventures series, and this time, they are headed for a project to restore a fort that was used during the American Revolution. While they expect the hard work required of them in preparing the fort for its official unveiling on the Fourth of July, they are not prepared for the danger that awaits them. Hidden gold is suspected to exist somewhere within the fort, so treasure seekers of all kinds have the location in their sights. And when the guest of honor at the upcoming ceremony goes missing, it is up to the Wright cousins to help rescue her before it is too late. This book is an excellent continuation of the series, especially as the characters are now clear in the minds of readers. Journeying with the cousins to a new locale is quite enjoyable, as is the addition of a new character to the mix. Like the others in the series, this book is focused primarily on action and dialogue, and this–coupled with short chapters–keeps the narrative flowing. Though the characters are all in their teens, there is no strong language or adult themes, which makes the book accessible to a wide range of readers. This installment does include some danger and suspense, but there is a pleasant resolve at the end. Brief mentions of prayer and religion are found in the story, which serve mostly as anchors to the wholesome design of the narrative. Fans of Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, and even Scooby Doo will find something to love about this series, whether they read the books in or out of order. This is an enjoyable mystery adventure for both youth and teens, and it sets up well for subsequent installments.

I received a copy of this book from the author and I chose to leave this review.

Patsy — “Action-packed and family-friendly”
5.0 out of 5 stars (Desert Jeepers) November 16, 2022, Canada
Best for ages 10 and up and family friendly.
Exciting stories. Didn’t drag.
Riverdancer — VINE VOICE — “A wholesome adventure series for young readers.”
5.0 out of 5 stars (The Secret of the Lost City) November 22, 2022
The Wright cousins are back for another adventure in the desert Southwest. After their previous Desert Jeepers mystery, the youth are still settling into their temporary living situation in the small town of Heberville. With the help of the town librarian, the cousins work to uncover the location of a mysterious lost city in the desert, referenced in an old, World War II era letter. Luckily, the cousins have connections, and they saddle up some horses and head out into the desert to test the theories they have developed. But they are not the only ones after the lost city, and they have to outsmart some dastardly villains to succeed in their mission. This third installment of the Wright Cousin Adventures series begins not long after the second book ends and is an enjoyable companion to that story. While it does stand alone, familiar characters and locales from book two find their way into this book, which makes reading both more enjoyable. As in the other books in this series, the narrative is filled with enjoyable dialogue and banter between the cousins, which is presented in an accessible and wholesome format. The characters are all in their teens, but they use vernacular that is suitable for younger readers, incorporating many jokes and puns with no strong language or adult content. Fans of mysteries and adventure will appreciate both the delivery and excitement found in this book, and for those who enjoy Nancy Drew and Indiana Jones, there are familiar threads woven throughout this series, as well. Short chapters and ample action and dialogue keep the story moving quickly, and readers will easily absorb this novel and be ready for the next installment. One of a series of wholesome adventure stories for youth, this is a delightful addition to library collections for young readers.

I received a copy of this book from the author and I chose to leave this review.

Riverdancer — VINE VOICE — “Action-packed and family-friendly”
5.0 out of 5 stars (Desert Jeepers)

The Wright Cousins are off on another adventure — this time, to the desert Southwest of the United States. While their parents are working on a top secret mission, cousins Robert, Lindy, Jonathan, Kimberly, and Tim venture into the desert to solve a mystery of their own. Legend has it that the remains of a Spanish galleon from the 1600s can be found somewhere nearby, but the story has yet to be proven. Luckily, the five cousins are filled with knowledge and ingenuity that get them where they want to go while protecting others along the way. This second book in the Wright Cousin Adventures series stands alone but incorporates the same characters and style as the first book. Dialogue propels the narrative, and each of the cousin’s personalities comes through clearly in the delightful banter they share. Always interested in adventure and helping others, the Wright cousins display not only a positive relationship with one another, but also supportive and encouraging interactions with others in their community. Action and excitement are at the core of this book, and each moment seems to bring a new challenge to the cousins. This design keeps the pages turning and readers engaged from the first moment to the last. Military references and pro-American sentiments pepper the narrative and showcase a family whose roots run deep in American culture. Inspired by adventures from the author’s own life, this book incorporates many experiences shared by families of similar backgrounds. Fans of The Boxcar Children series will appreciate a similar style and wholesome design of this collection, which is sure to appeal to readers of a wide range of ages. This is an action-packed addition to libraries for middle grade and young adult readers.

I received a copy of this book from the author and I chose to leave this review.

Pathfinder Penguin — “The Case of a Good Book”
5.0 out of 5 stars (The Case of the Missing Princess–Audio Book)

Starting out, the narrator is pretty good. He’s lively and does a good job bringing story to life.
But, as good as the narrator is, the book is better. It’s packed with secret passageways, swordfights, and lost treasure, cleverly mixed with a twist of secret agents and archeology. (Think Indiana Jones) It made me nostalgic for summer and the start of new adventures.

Let’s put it this way, if I were still a kid/teenager still, I would’ve eaten this series up in a way that would give Percy Jackson a run for his money. I mean, there’s a *SPOILER ALERT* food fight (against the badguys) with LITERAL CANNONS. It’s comedy GOLD.

Anyways, kids will love this and so will adults. Now stop reading my review and go read/listen to it all ready.

Riverdancer — VINE VOICE — “Fast-paced and action-packed”
5.0 out of 5 stars (Rheebakken 2) November 2, 2022

The freedom of the entire world is at stake, and it is up to one man to preserve that freedom—no matter the cost. Fighter pilot Eric Brown has been tasked with the top secret mission of ferrying King Straunsee and his daughter Allesandra to safety in the United States. Unfortunately, there are many others who would choose to see the monarch destroyed rather than permitting him to secure global freedom. Luckily, Eric is an accomplished pilot who not only has the skills to evade danger but also the heart to see his mission through to a successful conclusion. This action-packed novel launches readers directly into the fray on the first page and does not let go until the story’s conclusion. Nearly every page puts adventure at the forefront as the protagonists are flung from one catastrophe to the next. Throughout the book, military jargon and codes are embedded within the dialogue, which will particularly appeal to readers who have an interest in the technical intricacies of military language. Occasional references are made to prayer and God, but these are few and are not central to the overall plot. Eric is the primary figure in the story, but the narrative does occasionally shift to incorporate other points of view to ensure that readers have a full understanding of what is happening at choice moments in the book. While this novel does have a specific place within the canon of stories written by Gregory O. Smith, it is not necessary to have read any of the others in order for this book to make sense. This is a fast-paced, action-centered story that will appeal to young adult readers who appreciate military stories with a wholesome approach.

I received a copy of this book from the author and I chose to leave this review.

Riverdancer — VINE VOICE — “A wholesome family adventure”
(The Treasure of the Lost Mine–Wright Cousin Adventures) October 17, 2022
The five Wright cousins are spending the summer on Grandpa Wright’s farm in an effort to provide the work that is necessary to keep the farm afloat. While there, the teens are determined to locate Great-Great Grandpa Jack’s lost gold mine. Between strange occurrences happening nearby, dastardly villains wheedling their way onto Grandpa Wright’s land, and the work that needs to be done on the property, there is no shortage of excitement for the Wright cousins to experience. And when they explore a mysterious clue left behind by Great-Great Grandpa Jack, they discover more than they expected hidden in the nearby landscape. This first in the Wright Cousin Adventures series introduces readers to the close-knit Wright clan and the family farm they love so dearly. Inspired by a real life discovery made by the author and his own family, this novel brings early young adult readers into the Wild West as the Wright cousins discover more about the hidden gold mine with each passing chapter. Occasional illustrations help orient readers to the space in which the Wright cousins find themselves, and the pacing of the book overall makes the narrative highly accessible to young people. Reminiscent of the Boxcar Children series, this wholesome story involves close family relationships, ample dialogue and action, and the danger and humor that naturally enhance tales for young people. Fans of adventure stories filled with heart will fly through this first book and eagerly reach for the next installment.

I received a copy of this book from the author and I chose to leave this review.

Lori K — “Fun & exciting read”
5.0 out of 5 stars (The Case of the Missing Princess) October 4, 2022
Lori K — “Love a series of books”
5.0 out of 5 stars (The Clue in the Missing Plane) October 4, 2022
Lori K — “Fun & Exciting Read”
5.0 out of 5 stars (The Mystery of Treasure Bay) October 4, 2022
Matt Williams — “Awesome read!”
5.0 out of 5 stars (The Mystery of Treasure Bay) September 1, 2022
Our children- ages 15,13 & 8 love hearing books by this author. These books are hard to put down and have been great for our family! I recommended our local library purchase the books by him.
Julia G. Anderson — “Great book”
5.0 out of 5 stars (The Mystery of Treasure Bay) August 23, 2022

Linda H — “Mysteries and adventures”

5.0 out of 5 stars  (The Wright Disguise) August 22, 2022
Russel Smith — “We Love This Book Author”
5.0 out of 5 stars (Strength of the Mountains) July 11, 2022
Our children love this book series so much that we bought all of Gregory O Smith’s books in hardcover for guests that stay in our AirBNB to enjoy! Highly recommended author!

Reviewed in Canada on June 27, 2022

Loved it awesome adventure on survival and a bit of romance.
Pathfinder Penguin — “Wright up there with the greats!”
I’ve always loved good detective stories and this book is right up there with the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew! The origin story of the Wright cousins and their first big adventure is packed full of adventure and all the sorts of things I wish I’d done as a teenager. I MEAN THEY DRIVE TRAINS, TANKS, AND MINE CARS. From cover to cover it’s a blast and I 100% recommend it!
PathfinderPenguin — “Survival Adventure!! -I’ve read it 3 times!”

5.0 out of 5 stars (Strength of the Mountains) June 16, 2022

I am a college student with very little time to read for fun.
-When I first picked this book up, I figured that it was just going to be another survival book, like Hatchet or something. Let me say that this book is actually good. Basic synopsis? -The main character, a dude named Matt ends up stranded in the mountains with no hope of rescue because, well, phone service is a nope. The REFRESHING thing is that he’s actually smart about it. (I don’t know about you, but characters being dumb in books is a nope for me, just can’t handle them lighting themselves on fire or leaving their food to rot, and while making mistakes is allowed, making the same dumb mistakes over and over is not.)

MATT IS ACTUALLY SMART, HE USES HIS BRAIN! He has skills that develop over the course of the book! CRAZY, I KNOW!

Here’s a list of things I like: (Mild spoilers)
-Matt makes friends with a raccoon (dubbed Robin Hood) that becomes his buddy after the bandit eats a whole lot of Matt’s granola bars.
-Matt and Robin Hood go exploring in order to find their way out of the valley, and discover things (not listed for spoiler reasons) that are pretty stinking cool. I mean, I wouldn’t be mad to end up in that valley myself, just give me a plane and better phone coverage, and maybe a generator or something haha.
-There’s more adventure/excitement than your typical running from a wildfire scene. Haha, let’s just say that riding a hot air balloon through a storm is just the beginning for my man Matt.
-Matt is a college student like myself, and well, I relate to him in a lot of ways.
-It’s entirely clean, there’s no bad langauge or innuendos, which is SO NICE. I am not ashamed to recommend this book to others because there’s nothing in it to hide. It’s a beautiful, thrilling, funny, and exciting book that I’ve had to read three times just because I couldn’t get enough. The only con is that there isn’t a sequel, cuz you know that’d be gold too.

PathfinderPenguin — “This should be a movie!”

5.0 out of 5 stars  (Rheebakken 2) June 16, 2022

Pilots, planes, and princesses, can it get any better than that?? -I say no, but that’s just me.
THIS BOOK IS AWESOME! I love the main characters, I love the storyline, I love the worldbuilding (Or I guess worldsaving? Because they’re trying to save the world?)
Synopsis? People are being attacked, planes are going down, the free world is in danger and flying through the middle of it is an air force pilot named Eric Brown. He doesn’t know what’s happening, just that he’s been ordered to pick up a package. Turns out the package is King Stransee, his daughter, the Princess Allesandra, and their top secret briefcase with contents that will detemine the course of the war. -There’s dogfights, tank fights, espionage, and international intrigue that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire way through. There may or may be a bobsled chase too, but that’s all top secret information and you definitely didn’t hear it from me.

Honestly the depth and width of this story is so good, its one of my favorite books, and if it was a movie it’d be a blockbuster.

PathfinderPenguin — “A quest for a spanish galleon? I say yes!!”

5.0 out of 5 stars  (Desert Jeepers, Wright Cousin Adventures) June 16, 2022

I love this book! The Wright Cousins strike again as they pursue a long lost Spanish Galleon in the Southwestern Dessert. That mystery alone would be enough, but wait, there’s ghost stagecoaches, missing pilots, and a nefarious bad guys.
10/10 would read again!!
It is hard to keep family friendly, wholesome books on hand for my daughter because she is an avid reader (she’s 9). She read this book in a day or so, and couldn’t wait for me to order the next books in the series. She enjoyed how creative the children were. She said the kids were just like her. We definitely recommend this book!
Clark Evenson — “Crazy fun!!”
5.0 out of 5 stars (The Wright Diguise) May 17, 2022
I have read almost all of the “Wright Cousin Adventures”…I enjoyed this one very much. It is fun to see the characters develop, and their relationships blossom. While I think the book’s character “Tim” can be overly silly/annoying, I can still appreciate his slapstick humor. I can relate to Kimberly’s hair coloring episode, as I once accidentally colored my hair silver purple. I am always amazed at how seamlessly I am sucked into the action sequences of the “Wright Cousin Adventures”. The “Wright Disguise” was no exception, I love the action and tech. I know my sons, and daughter will love this book! The characters in these books are great role models. I just finished reading it tonight. Keep up the great writing Mr. Smith!!! Your readers appreciate your humor, and all the awesome tech in your books. When are you going to make a theme park or movies for these books?!!!
I love reviewing books but some of my favorite books for review are the ones I can share with my kiddos and get them involved in the review process. So whenever I get a children’s book to review, I preview it first to make sure it aligns with our standards, and once that is done and is approved by this mama I introduce it to the kids. As soon as the kids saw the cover of this book they were intrigued and wanted to know more about it. It definitely kept them entertained during our morning read aloud time. They hated that the end of the chapters leave you into a cliffhanger, but I for one loved that since it kept them wanting more!

This is definitely a great book for boys who love adventures! It has bad guys and good guys, family time, gold mines, adventures and even a military tank! My kids were definitely enthralled with the story and enjoyed every minute of it. They can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

As a mom I am looking for good books for my kids. We are pretty conservative in our beliefs so finding good books that align with that is getting harder and harder nowadays but then comes along an author I have not heard of before and my faith is restored, because there are good books for kids out there, we just have to dig a little harder.

This is a very clean book and filled with a classic adventure that will remind you of the western movies of old times. I highly recommend this not only as a read aloud but definitely for kids ages 8 and up! My kids give it a quadruple thumbs up!

I received a copy of this book from the author. I was not required to post a positive review. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

Sassy Bookish Mama–April, 2022. As a bookish mama I absolutely love when I get books to review that I can read aloud to my kiddos. I can’t express to you how much we love read alouds around here. We typically have multiples going on at once. One at breakfast, one at lunch time and another during nighttime. (That’s not even counting the books we read during school time! 😂)
Although I stick to classics that I grew up with I do mix in some newer books. The problem with that nowadays is finding books that align with our values.
This book The Treasure of the Lost Mine by Gregory O. Smith was thoroughly enjoyed during morning time! The boys especially were completely captivated in the adventure of the Wright cousins and were so upset I didn’t have the second book in hand! 😂
My full review will be on the blog tomorrow but I wanted to share with you in case you are looking for a fun book for your kiddos!
It is a clean, family friendly book filled with an amazing adventure that kids will enjoy. I mean how can you not love a book with bad guys, gold mines and even a tank?!
We loved it as a read aloud but I would recommend it for 5th grade and up!

Thank you Gregory O. Smith for sending me a copy for review! We really enjoyed it!


Julia G. Anderson — “More adventures with the Wright cousins”
5.0 out of 5 stars  (The Wright Disguise) April 9, 2022
H — “Love it!”

5.0 out of 5 stars (Desert Jeepers) April 2, 2022

My son has started devouring this series and says he LOVES the books! Good call on my mom’s part for buying him the first one. Two thumbs up at our house!
Marie Cornfield — “Good exciting story for an 8 year old!”

5.0 out of 5 stars  Reviewed (Desert Jeepers) in Canada on November 12, 2021

aaron cross — “Wonderful”
5.0 out of 5 stars  August 6, 2021
“Wonderful product for a great price!”
Consultx — “Kids favorite book”

5.0 out of 5 stars  July 26, 2021

“I sent my niece and nephew several books for summer reading. This has been the favorite of both kids. The little intro video on the authors web site set the stage and they loved it. Appropriate for all kids, just good fun. One child is a slightly slower reader but the story was compelling and kept them engaged. Highly recommend.”

Amazon Customer — Great new series (to us)”

5.0 out of 5 stars  Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 April 2021

“Bought for 7 year old bookworm granddaughter who loves adventure stories and read it in almost one session!”

5.0 out of 5 stars   Reviewed in the United States on April 5, 2021

“We bought the first four books in this series and just had to buy more. This series is more than great! It should be on every bookshelf for any kid who loves adventure. This is the real deal and my grandson and I have been reading the series and are now into ‘Secret Agents Don’t Like Broccoli’. There’s no doubt that these books are classics and written far and away above most. First of all, the high standards and mannerisms of the kids are uplifting – not your typical lewd cartoon characters. The individuals are well developed and fun. Good laughs and hair-raising events pepper the stories throughout and the author is noticeably well versed and experienced in the essentials and technicalities of good writing. It’s a real pleasure to find books of such caliber for children today. Thanks to the author and hope to see a continuing stream of books.”
Julia G. Anderson — “Great !”

5.0 out of 5 stars   Reviewed in the United States on March 24, 2021–The Case of the Missing Princess

Verified Purchase

5.0 out of 5 stars  Reviewed in the United States on March 23, 2021–The Treasure of the Lost Mine

Verified Purchase
Amazon Customer — “Great Mystery Adventures
5.0 out of 5 stars  (Desert Jeepers — Audiobook March 19, 2022

This is a great kids adventure with good clean fun. I look forward to more of these for the next long car trip. I couldn’t help thinking ‘and I would have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for those kids and their clever ways’. I highly recommend this if you have kids.

Amazon Customer — “Fun Adventures

5.0 out of 5 stars (The Treasure of the Lost Mine–Audiobook) March 14, 2022

This was a fabulous book that reminded me of all the mystery adventures I read growing up. The Treasure of the Lost Mine was captivating and entertaining with some educational information that helped this book be more than just fun. I think this is the first of many entertaining stories the kids will enjoy.

Reviewed in the United States on March 12, 2021–The Treasure of the Lost Mine

Verified Purchase
H. W. Longfellow Mystery and Fun”

5.0 out of 5 stars  Reviewed in the United States on March 5, 2021–The Treasure of the Lost Mine

Verified Purchase
Susan — “Worth while books”
Buzzyflight — “Outstanding Kid Series!”

5.0 out of 5 stars  “I have a kid who can’t read enough and a kid who can’t find anything she likes to read. They both loved this book. My girls are 10. I wish I could’ve bought this books series in a box set.”  (5-Stars, Amazon Review for The Treasure of the Lost Mine, August 29, 2020)

Olivia Y. — “A Great Adventure Story”
Russel SmithVery engaging!”
5.0 out of 5 stars  Reviewed in the United States on July 3, 2020  Verified Purchase
“Fantastic book! Loved by the whole family!”
(Reach for the Stars)
Russel SmithFun and adventurous!”
5.0 out of 5 stars  Reviewed in the United States on July 3, 2020 Verified Purchase
KJD — “Couldn’t put the book the book down!”
Clark EvensonAmazing Book”
5.0 out of 5 stars   Reviewed in the United States on April 11, 2020