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Hi! I’m author Greg Smith and I write fun, clean, family friendly adventure mysteries enjoyed by children and adults alike! I’m excited to announce–

The Wright Cousin Adventures 1-6 are now available as AUDIO BOOKS!

Kirby Heyborne, a very talented movie actor and narrator is working his magic! You’ll love his energy, humor, and voice versitility!


Listen to the audio book samples by clicking play in the boxes below. Audio books may be purchased from Audible and Amazon.

Photo of actor/narrator Kirby Heyborne and author Gregory O. Smith
Courtney Rose — Engaging!  (Audio book–The Treasure of the Lost Mine)  Jan 6, 2023
“I like the funny parts” -my 8 year old
He laughed out loud and was excited for bedtime each night. Super engaging. Fun and clean. I enjoyed it much more than goosebumps or Minecraft novels
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Book #15 The Secret of the Sunken Ship is here!

Cover for book 15 in the fun and exciting Wright Cousin Adventures series, The Secret of the Sunken Ship

A page-turning mystery adventure by Award-Winning author, Gregory O. Smith.

Anyone up for a dive? This fun and exciting sequel to book #14 finds the Wright cousins searching Talofa and its neighboring tropical islands for a mysterious lost treasure. Along with amazing underwater discoveries, the Wright’s and their friends face confusing clues, eerie secret caves, and a desperate gang which will stop at nothing to steal the treasure out from under them. How will the Wright cousins deal with the danger and surprises that await them?

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The Secret of the Sunken Ship is available in eBook, Paperback, and Hardcover.

Book cover for The Mystery of Treasure Bay by Gregory O. Smith, book #14 in the children's Wright Cousin Adventures series.

A page-turning mystery adventure by Award-Winning author, Gregory O. Smith.

“Hang on for your life!” exclaimed Lindy.  The teenage Wright Cousins are traveling to the beautifully lush tropical Island of Talofa. There’s so much to do: boogie boarding, scuba diving, exploring, boating, and surfing. But they also encounter danger lurking in the deep ocean waters.

With fierce storms, eerie lighthouses, baited traps, and menacing foes, how will the Wright Cousins unravel the puzzling mysteries before them? Join the Wright cousins in their exciting new 14th adventure!

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The Mystery of Treasure Bay is available in eBook, Paperback, and Hardcover.

Book cover for Wright Cousin Adventures series book #13 written by author Gregory O. Smith

It’s the Wright Cousins’ 13th book. I mean, what could go wrong, Wright–write–rite–right? Uh-oh, I think we’re in serious trouble! The Wright cousins are back in America and diving into their active life of crazy inventions, school classroom mix-ups, and paintball battles. But their visiting friends, Sarina and Katrina, run into trouble: Their royal anonymity is compromised by a story gone viral and a treacherous enemy has placed a bounty on their heads.

The Wright Cousins must drop everything and spring into action. How can they save their friends before it’s too late?

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The Wright Disguise is available in eBook, Paperback, and Hardcover.

The Wright Cousin Adventures Series

Books 1-15 in this excting series are Now Available!

Covers of the 14 books in the Wright Cousin Adventures series by Gregory O. Smith

Join the Wright cousins as they:

  • Search for a lost gold mine
  • 4-wheel-drive in a mysterious desert
  • Ride horseback to look for a lost treasure city
  • Help rebuild a fort and look for a missing princess
  • Accidentally become America’s top two secret agents
  • Sail a submarine in search of a menacing sea monster
  • Fly through a firestorm to rescue friends
  • Launch into space
  • Swordfight to save a kingdom
  • Rescue a royal family
  • Search for a missing plane and much, much more!

Get the Wright Cousin Adventures today!

“The Adventure of a Lifetime”

Award winning Children's book cover for wilderness survival adventure book by Gregory O. Smith called Strength of the Mountains

Strength of the Mountains

Winner of the 2021 Wishing Shelf Book Awards Finalist Medal–Ages 9-12!

“You’re kidding, right? Balloon camping? That’s what you want for your graduation present?”    The morning arrives. The balloon is filled. An unexpected storm strikes. Matt, all alone, is swept off into the wilderness in an unfinished balloon. How will he survive? What will he eat? Will he ever make it home again? Join Matt and his newly-discovered friends in this fun-filled, twisty turny, exciting survival adventure…STRENGTH OF THE MOUNTAINS     Family friendly!

“A Wonderful Survival Adventure”–“My Side of the Mountain meets Hatchet”–with family friendly fun, humor, and mystery! For ages 8-14 and the young at heart.


American History Survival Series

Cover designed by Anne R. Smith for children's book The Hat, George Washington, and Me! by author Gregory O. Smithrvival book by Gregory O. Smith

The Hat, George Washington, and Me!

“Daniel Jonathan Boone, don’t you even think about it!”

When a mysterious package arrives in the mail with a tricorn hat and toy soldiers inside, fourteen-year-old Daniel, of course, tries on the hat. Now he’s in for it because the hat won’t come off and he must wear the hat to school! And it’s his day to deliver his U.S. History oral report!

Daniel suddenly finds himself up against classroom bullies, Redcoats pounding on the school room door, and a patriot in his cereal box. Is his history report coming to life? It’s modern day Millford and time is running out. How will Daniel and his new friend, Rebecca, solve the mystery of the hat before it’s too late? Join the fun and adventure in The Hat, George Washington, and Me!

Part time travel, part crazy school, totally fun. A fast-moving adventure for children ages 8-12.

Family friendly, this book reinforces U.S. 5th and 8th grade curriculum in a fun way. It inspires youth to find their voice, stand up for truth, stop bullying, and cherish their liberty. The appendices include “The Declaration of Independence”, true facts about George and Martha Washington, two vital people who helped get America started, and the true account of a huge snowball fight that took place at the beginning of the American Revolutionary War. If you like fun and adventure, you’ll love The Hat, George Washington, and Me!

The Fight for Freedom

Cover for book Rheebakken 2 by author Gregory O. Smith

Rheebakken 2: Last Stand for Freedom

“There’s one thing you should know about me,” said stealth pilot Eric Brown, “I never give up. So strap yourself in and hold on tight. We’re going in!”

America’s top secret Alpha Base 3 has just been destroyed, Alpha Base 2 is under attack. When Alpha 2 goes down, America will fall, and with it, freedom around the world. A determined pilot, a stubborn princess, a wise king; how can they stop the onslaught? Three people against an enormous armada, three who feel freedom is worth the cost: Worth their lives, worth their liberty, worth their sacred honor. Join the force, join the adventure, join RHEEBAKKEN 2: LAST STAND FOR FREEDOM!

 A family friendly, thrilling, exciting, page-turning, fast-paced military adventure about friendship, rescue, and survival. For ages 12 and up.


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