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Hi! I’m author Greg Smith. Welcome to my website and world of the Wright Cousins and Strength of the Mountains!

I love to write funny, clean, exciting mystery adventures with strong characters. Please take a look around. Enjoy the video trailers, audio book samples, and background information for these funny, clean, and exciting mystery action adventures. Please feel free to reach out to me by using the contact form at the bottom of the page. Have fun!


Award winning Children's book cover for wilderness survival adventure book by Gregory O. Smith called Strength of the Mountains

“A beautiful, thrilling, funny, and exciting book…” “Loved it! Awesome adventure on survival and a bit of romance.” Award-winning adventure about courage, family, and friendship.

“You’re kidding, right? Balloon camping? That’s what you want for your graduation present?”  The morning arrives. The balloon is filled. An unexpected storm strikes. Matt, all alone, is swept off into the wilderness in an unfinished balloon. How will he survive? What will he eat? Will he ever make it home again? Join Matt and his newly discovered friends, including a young raccoon named Robin Hood, in this amazing and fun, twisty turny, exciting wilderness survival adventure!

“This is my NEW FAVORITE SERIES!”  The award-winning, 15 book Wright Cousin Adventures series starts here!

Landscape picture of all 15 book covers in the award-winning Wright Cousin Adventures series

Join the five Wright Cousins as they explore beautiful pine forested mountains, wide desert expanses, underwater mysteries, tropical island treasures, snow-clad glaciers, and even the wonder and splendor of outer space! This wholesome, action-packed series includes exciting STEM accurate technology, family friendly humor, and is safe to read aloud!

The Wright Cousin Adventures series is best enjoyed when read in order, 1-15. This gives a growing experience as the Wright Cousins make new friends, develop their talents, and help people around the world.

Hint: Best when bought in groups of 3 for continuous reading pleasure.

Book cover for The Treasure of the Lost Mine, book #1 in the Wright Cousin Adventures series by Gregory O. Smith

Tim broke the nervous silence. “What—what was that?” “I don’t know,” replied Robert. “But whatever it is, it’s been locked in there for over a hundred years!”  Meet the five Wright cousins in their first big mystery together. I mean, what could be more fun than a treasure hunt with five crazy, daring, ingenious, funny and determined teenagers, right? But falling into icy streams and getting live bats stuck in their hair are just the beginning. The cousins also have treacherous enemies, eager to steal the treasure out from under them. How can these five techie, teenage kids from the city use their brains and unusual inventions to catch the scheming crooks and discover the real treasure?

Cover for children's Wright Cousin adventures series book 2, Desert Jeepers

“I love this book!” A missing pilot, a lost treasure ship, and a mysterious desert to explore!  Book 2 in the award-winning Wright Cousin Adventures series!

The five Wright cousins are having the time of their lives 4-wheeling in an old jeep searching for the legendary lost Spanish galleon of the desert. And who wouldn’t? There’s so much to see! Palm trees, hidden treasure, UFO’s, vanishing stagecoaches, incredible hot sauce, missing stealth plane pilots. Wait! What?! Will the Wright cousins be able to locate the pilot in time, or will they, too, disappear without a trace?

Book cover for Wright Cousin Adventures series book 3, The Secret of the Lost City

Welcome to the Wild West! A mysterious map, secret passages, horseback riding, and a long lost treasure to find!  Book 3 in the award-winning Wright Cousin Adventures series!

“Lindy desperately clawed at the rocks around her, trying to stop from being dragged downward into the abyss…”  The Wright cousins find a cryptic letter from the 1800s, hidden in a secret compartment of an old leather cavalry pouch. “This is the path to the treasure city,” it begins. “I’m in!” says Tim Wright, “Let’s go!” Facing rugged terrain, the Wright cousins set out on horseback with the help of their friend, Gabby Grainger. But who is trailing them? What dangers are lurking and what amazing things will the Wright cousins find?

Cover for Wright Cousin Adventures book 4, The Case of the Missing Princess by Gregory O. Smith

A mysterious new girl, a cool stone fortress, and secret tunnels.  Book 4 in the award-winning Wright Cousin Adventures series!

The Wright cousins are helping to restore an old American Revolutionary War fort for its grand re-opening on the 4th of July. Legend has it that gold is hidden somewhere within the fort and ruthless treasure seekers have the location in their sights. Princess Sarina, who was supposed to be the guest of honor for the upcoming ceremony, goes missing. Though the local police are searching for the princess, the Wright cousins are determined to make a search of their own. Will the cousins be able to rescue their new royal friend before her disappearance becomes permanent?

Book cover for Secret Agents Don't Like Broccoli, book #5 in the Wright Cousin Adventures mystery adventures for children.

“Action-packed and funny!” “This is like a Bond film for kids. Cool!” UK reviewer. Attaché cases, spy gear, and armored cars! Book 5 in the award-winning Wright Cousin Adventures series!

THE SPY WORLD WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!  Meet Robert and Tim Wright, two happy-go-lucky teenage cousins who accidentally become America’s top two secret agents. And have they got a mission! Location: Washington, DC. Time: Now. Objective: Find missing Princess Katrina, secure Straunsee files at all costs! How: …Make it up as you go! Get set for top secret fun and adventure as the Wright cousins outsmart the entire spy worldwe hope!

Book Cover for The Great Submarine Adventure. book 6 in the award-winning Wright Cousin Adventures series.

A secret submarine, a deep mountain lake, and a menacing sea monster. Book 6 in the award-winning Wright Cousin Adventures series!

“The submarine was now deep down inside the watery canyon and picking up speed. Out of the corner of his eye, Tim saw something dark and sinister sweep by.”  Clear the bridge! Up periscope! The five Wright cousins have a submarine and they know how to use it! But the deeper they dive in the waters of Lake Pinecone, the more mysterious the lake becomes. Something spooky is wrecking boats on the lake and it’s downright scary. Can the Wright cousins find out what the threat is before they and their submarine become its next victim?

Book cover for Take to the Skies by Gregory O. Smith, book #7 in the children's Wright Cousin Adventures series.

An unusual seaplane, friends threatened by forest fires, and a surprising mountain discovery. Book 7 in the award-winning Wright Cousin Adventures series!

“J-One, come in J-One,” radioed Robert. “I think we’ve found something!”  The Wright Cousins have come into good fortune and inherited an airplane. They have big plans to use it for good and to help solve a mystery in the nearby mountains. Things seem to be going well but someone keeps sabotaging their efforts. When a lightning storm starts hundreds of fires in the mountain range, hikers and campers, including the Wright Cousins’ friends, are suddenly trapped. How can the Wrights use their plane to help?

Cover for Wright Cousin Adventures book #8, The Wright Cousins Fly Again! by Gregory O. Smith

Secret bases, missing airplanes, and an unsolved World War 2 mystery! “My son has started devouring this series and says he LOVES the books!” Book 8 in the award-winning Wright Cousin Adventures series!

“Jonathan, get us out of here!”  The Wright Cousins have their hands full trying to recover not just one, but two airplanes! While visiting the second plane, the cousins discover a new secret lurking deep in Lake Pinecone, far more dangerous than they ever expected! Will all their carefully made plans be wrecked?

Book cover for

A ride on a spaceplane, a damaged space station, and an emergency rescue to perform! Book 9 in the award-winning Wright Cousin Adventures series!

“We’re not set up for deep space,” said Robert. “We’re in big trouble.”  3-2-1-Blastoff! The Wright cousins are out of this world and so is the fun! Join the cousins as they travel into space aboard the new Stellar Spaceplane. Enjoy zero gravity and the incredible views. But what about the space aliens Tim keeps seeing? The Wright cousins soon discover there really is something out there, and it’s downright scary. Now in desperate trouble, how will the Wright cousins’ family and friends back on earth be able to help them?

Book cover for The Sword of Sutherlee, book #10 in the Wright Cousin Adventures series, a mystery adventure series for children

Get ready for challenging swordfights, spooky dungeons, and daring rescues! Book 10 in the award-winning Wright Cousin Adventures series!

“Now,” Tim said, “who wants to be the guinea pig, I mean, go first into this nice, creepy, scary, awful passage?”  These are dangerous times in the kingdom of Gütenberg. King Straunsee and his daughters have been made prisoners in their own castle. A conspiring gang is about to steal the kingdom. When the five Wright Cousins learn of it, they scramble to help. How can they rescue their friends and save the kingdom before it’s too late?

Book cover for The Secret of Trifid Castle, book 11 in the award-winning Wright Cousin Adventures series by Gregory O. Smith

Breathtaking mountain castles, cool spy gear, hot race cars, and a kingdom to rescue! Book 11 in the award-winning Wright Cousin Adventures series!

“Robert raced up the stairs, his head pounding. The rescue mission had totally backfired. Not only was the king gone, but Jonathan, Sarina, and Kimberly were gone, too!”  A redirected flight leads the Wright cousins back into mystery and adventure. The royal family, King Straunsee and his daughters, have disappeared and their lives hang in the balance! Who can the Wright cousins trust and how can they solve this royal mystery before it’s too late?

Book cover by Anne R. Smith for book #12, The Clue in the Missing Plane, by author Gregory O. Smith

Snowmobiles, mysterious messages, and desperate rescue attempts. Book 12 in the Award-winning Wright Cousin Adventures series!

“We’re descending too fast,” said Robert. “I know,” Jonathan replied. “I can’t help it. That left wing isn’t going to last much longer.”  A cold war is about to turn hot in the Kingdom of Gütenberg and time is running out for the Wright cousins. Snowstorms, jagged mountains, enemy soldiers. How can the Wright cousins discover and retrieve a top secret clue before it’s too late?

Book cover for Wright Cousin Adventures series book #13 written by author Gregory O. Smith

Full of surprises and disguises, it’s the Wright Cousins’ 13th adventure. I mean, what could go wrong, Wright…write…rite…right? Uh-oh, I think we’re in serious trouble!

The Wright cousins are back in America and diving into their active life of crazy inventions, school classroom mix-ups, and paintball battles. But their visiting friends, Sarina and Katrina Straunsee, run into trouble: Their royal anonymity is compromised by a high school story gone viral, and a treacherous enemy has placed a bounty on their heads. The Wright Cousins must drop everything and spring into action to help. How can they save their friends in time?

Book cover for The Mystery of Treasure Bay, book 14 in the award-winning mystery adventure series The Wright Cousin Adventures

A tropical island, lost treasure, and a mysterious foe. Book 14 in the award-winning, page-turning Wright Cousin Adventures series!

“Hang on for your life!” exclaimed Lindy.  The teenage Wright Cousins are visiting the beautifully lush tropical South Pacific Island of Talofa. There’s so much to see and do…boogie boarding, scuba diving, exploring, boating, surfing, and a treasure hunt! But danger also lurks in the deep blue ocean waters. The Wright Cousins suddenly find themselves up against fierce storms, eerie lighthouses, baited traps, and menacing foes. How will the Wright Cousins unravel the puzzling mysteries before them and survive?

Cover for book 15 in the fun and exciting Wright Cousin Adventures series, The Secret of the Sunken Ship

Mysterious caves, treacherous disguises, and a menacing showdown. Book 15 in the award-winning, page-turning, Wright Cousin Adventures series!

Anyone up for a dive?  This fun and exciting sequel to book #14 finds the Wright cousins searching Talofa and its neighboring tropical islands for a legendary lost treasure. Along with confusing clues and unusual underwater discoveries, the Wright’s and their friends must face a desperate gang which will stop at nothing to steal the treasure. How will the Wright cousins face the dangers and surprises that await them?

The Fight for Freedom!

Book cover for Rheebakken 2, a page-turning, wholesome military adventure

A thrilling, exciting, page-turning, wholesome Top Gun-like military adventure by award-winning author Gregory O. Smith!

“There’s one thing you should know about me,” said pilot Eric Brown. “I never give up. So strap yourself in and hold on tight. We’re going in!” Airplane dogfights, tank battles…the Free World is in danger. Pilot Eric Brown has been ordered to pick up a package in the dark of night at an abandoned World War 2 landing strip in Northern Europe. The “package” turns out to be King Straunsee, his stubborn daughter, Princess Allesandra, and the king’s top secret briefcase. That briefcase will determine the outcome of the war! Totally outnumbered, how will they—and the freedom they’re fighting for—ever survive?

American History Survival Series

Book cover for The Hat, George Washington, and Me! mystery adventure book for children

Part time travel, part crazy school, full-time fun! A fast-moving mystery adventure for children ages 8-14.

“Hey Mom, there’s a patriot in my cereal box!”  When a mysterious package arrives in the mail with a tricorn hat and toy soldiers inside, fourteen-year-old Daniel, of course, tries on the hat. Now he’s in for it because the hat won’t come off and he must wear the hat to school! Daniel suddenly finds himself up against classroom bullies, Redcoats pounding on the schoolroom door, and his life turned upside down. Is his American history report really coming to life?

This family friendly book encourages youth to find their voice, stand up for truth, stop bullying, and cherish their liberty. The appendices include the text of The Declaration of Independence and fun and true facts about Martha and George Washington, two crucial people who helped get America going. You’ll love The Hat, George Washington, and Me!

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