Who would have thought a year ago that the world would be so affected by a tiny little virus. We try to be kind toward everyone and yet, this crummy little virus comes along and things like “quarantine” and “masks” and “close down your life so you don’t spread it” come along.

I never thought I would become an author. Long papers in English class were my biggest challenge. Ugh, having to write so many words! But I found the clue to writing…it has to be useful. Writing just to write is like spinning your wheels, but if you can tell a story, something of value, if you can give it purpose, a real purpose, then you’ve got something. When you have a good reason, something helpful to people, then a thousand word essay can become a book. Suddenly, you can’t get the words out there fast enough. Suddenly, a thousand words aren’t enough. You need more. More space, more words, more time.

Our lives need purpose. There is good in each of us. If we can find, identify that good in ourselves and others, then we can start a conversation. What good can we do, whose life can we lift up, encourage? How can we help build a better place?

I write about the Wright cousins because I like them. I like Jonathan, Robert, Lindy, Kimberly and Tim. They’re silly and crazy sometimes, but they do good things. They get out and explore. They take a risk, they expend some energy. When Jonathan met Sarina, it was a life changer for both of them and for me. A good person, a good friend who values who you are–the good in you–can change your life forever.

Right now I am working on The Clue in the Missing Plane, book #12 in the Wright Cousin Adventures. There are some cool things going on. It’s going to be neat. Writing these books are a real challenge, but I am curious about where the cousins will go, who they’ll meet, and what good things they’ll do with their lives. If you like these books, please spread the word about them so other people can enjoy them, too, and I can keep writing them.


Greg Smith