Drawings of 2 teenage boys riding inside a gold mine car in front of a gold mine.
Interior of the gold mine worked in by author Gregory O. Smith

Crazy Summer, but Great Summer Reads

Payson, Utah, U.S.A., July 9, 2020

The last time Utah author Gregory O. Smith launched a new business was in 2008. Not a great year for the U.S. real estate market, but his successful business turned out to be a favorite for school children and adults. It was a living history adventure tour program, complete with a 1-mile railroad, gold panning, and an authentic Gold Rush mine dug in 1870. He and his family built the 18” narrow gauge gold mining railroad by hand. It took them 17 years to complete. People, literally from all over the world, came to ride on the train and enjoy the tours. Greg says, “It was amazing. We met so many good people of all nationalities.”

“As we were building the railroad and working to shore up the gold mine, we made some interesting discoveries,” said Greg. And that’s where the ideas for this fun and exciting new adventure book, The Treasure of the Lost Mine, got started. “The book is fiction, but a lot of it is based on fact. The mine, the ranching, the tank, the bats—all are built on experiences I’ve had.”

Fast paced and fun, The Treasure of the Lost Mine is the first book in Gregory O. Smith’s brand new series, the Wright Cousin Adventures. The 12 book series is family friendly, STEM supportive, and fun and safe to read aloud. You can easily view the books and video trailers at GregoryOSmith.com. Written for ages 9 & up, The Treasure of the Lost Mine is available at Amazon. Buy your copy today and begin your fun summer adventure with The Treasure of the Lost Mine!


Author Gregory O. Smith driving a battery-powered Gold Mining Locomotive, pulling passengers in train cars, during his popular and successful living history adventure tour program.